Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pressing Concerns

So I went by the Home Depot yesterday and bought a piece of MDF to make a large pressing surface. I already had some batting and fabric to cover it. The staple gun that I bought years ago and has been sitting in the garage, finally got it's first use. I am pleased with the result. Right now the board is sitting atop my rickety ironing board so I have to eventually find a better way to stabilize it. It is doing it's job for now.

I got all my dyes together because I got antsy with the need to make color. I did not have any soda ash on hand and went to the grocery store to get some washing soda. Arm & Hammer still makes this stuff, unfortunately the grocer doesn't stock it anymore. I went exploring under the kitchen sink and discovered that my dishwasher powder is sodium carbonate...BINGO! Now I can spend the evening setting up some fabric to dye overnight. I'll post pics of the results if I like them. I want to do a Ricky Tims style convergence quilt so I will be deliberate about the colors and pattern I create.


Deb Silva said...

Isn't it amazing what can be found under the kitchen sink. Glad to see you found something to help your project along. Can't wait to see your end result.

blushing rose said...

Welcome aboard the blog train. It is very educational, informative & finding a new 'family' of friends.

Pop over & view my feedsack collections.

TTFN ~ Marydon