Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everybody's doing it

So after returning from this year's Alex Anderson Quilt Retreat, I discovered that so many of my fellow retreaters are blogging. As an exercise in journalling my quilt design projects, I am too jumping in the blog pool. The journey begins....


Holly said...

Welcome to the blogging community!

Deb Silva said...

Hi Ho Jim! Indeed welcome!

zizzybob said...

Hey Hugboy, welcome to the world of blogging.

tennisgirl said...

Hello Jim,
I was just surfing HGTV website and came across a "How To" video of you and Alex. You were demonstrating the Dyed Silk 9-Patch/Snowball Quilt. Now, a day after, I cannot find that video again. I printed out the instructions, BUT I have a few questions.
1. In "Materials & Tools" it says "lightweight fabric stabilizer (amount depends on width) What is this stabilizer & where do I buy it? What do I do with it? Where in the process do I use it and how do I use it?
2. White distilled vinegar is added to water. (According to the video. I hope I remember that correctly) How much vinegar to how much water? But the written instructions just say soak silk in vinegar (no water added?).
3. In the video you mention that the dye is power and you just add it to water. What is the brand name of the dye and where do I buy it?

Lots to read here, sorry about that. But hope you can answer these questions before I start on this project. As a beginner I need extact measurements.
Thanks, Carol